Personal Diversion

Just like tourist

We are taking a stay-cation this week only the first couple of days we actually went somewhere. After living in South Florida over 20 years I finally made it down to Key West. Mileage, it’s not that far from here. But the two-lane 7-mile bridge adds considerably to the time it takes to get to the southernmost part of the states.

One of the interesting parts about Key West is how old much of it is. Our hotel, with many old features, has been well maintained, comfortable with spacious rooms. I love the old tiles seen on some of the old porches around town. A few grand churches and, of course, Hemingway’s house. (We opted not to pay the $12.50 a piece to tour his house and did the lighthouse tour instead.)

Southernmost House entrance

Lighthouse - I made it to the top!

We spent two days walking the width of the main part of this island. It was hot and sticky but I finally have some color to this Irish complexion. We saw plenty of  Hemingway look-alikes (missed the annual contest by one weekend), bicycles and scooters all over the streets, and roosters! I’d heard there are “free-range” chickens around town but I’ve never seen roosters perch in trees. One tree had at least 5 roosters in it at once. I grew up hearing you don’t need that many roosters but we didn’t see too many hens. They must have been nesting somewhere.

one of the locals

The drive down there is lovely as the water is on all sides in sparkling shades of green and blue. Areas where stacks and stacks of lobster traps waited the start of mini-lobster season.

US 1 aka Overseas Highway

lobster traps

It’s been four years since we’ve gotten away by ourselves when it wasn’t business related. It was time. You don’t have to go far. You don’t have to be gone long. But it’s a wonderful reminder of a life shared and why you like sharing it with the person across from you. Some call Key West Paradise. It was a nice visit but we’re back in our paradise.

sunset (you can see both sunrise and sunset here)

View from breakfast

(If you want to see more of our Key West pictures find me on Facebook or Picasa. They should be up Wednesday.)