I’m Walking on Sunshine & Liebsters

“I’m walking on sunshine, whoa-whoa, and don’t it feel good!” 1985 Katrina & the Waves

I’m a bit overwhelmed with the generosity of my friends Melis @ http://iamnotshe.wordpress.com and Jen@http://steponacrack.wordpress.com for bestowing on me the Sunshine and Liebster awards. It’s amazing how you can get to know people you’ve never met and become part of a mutual support and encourager through the blogosphere. I am thankful to learn from both women who have much to share of perseverance and triumph. Please check out their blogs.

There are rules to these awards and, well, I’ll be adapting them a bit. Did I hear someone say control? I’d like to deny it but every time I think of my rationale it still sounds like control. I’ll own it.

The first rule of both is to give thanks to those passing the award on to you and link back. That is my favorite part and done.

The next part for the Sunshine award is to tell something about yourself in the way of favorites and the Liebster asks you to just share the love. Here’s where I’m going to twist it up some. I’ll share some of my favorite things and blogs so you’re getting the combo deal here. Did someone say “super-size”? No problem, ‘have it your way’ 😉

Favorite place to spend time doing nothing: the beach

Favorite new hobby: taking pictures and blogging

Favorite place to take pictures: the beach

Favorite place to live if I could live anywhere: near the beach (sensing a theme?)

Other favorites include blue, the number 14, family, grace, God, friends, music, arts, the beach. 😀

I do have some favorite blogs I read regularly and will gladly share them with you.

Heidi at Good Life No Alcohol. She writes honestly and helpfully about recovery. Excellent blog.

Debbie at Two Minutes of Grace is a master with words and does it most gracefully, of course.

My Mother’s Brain: love in the time of dementia posts sporadically but I have found it to be touching and comforting as I go through the same journey as Beatriz

It’s Not Really About Me is a new one to me but I appreciate the simplicity of Judi’s life and her deep faith.

Yes, this is just a handful but most have been mentioned by others and deservedly so. All of these blogs have taught me, comforted me, encouraged me and uplifted me. I am thankful to God for using others to speak into my life.

  • Lovely!

    • Why thank you, Melis. You are lovely too 😀

  • Congested!

    • I’m going to guess that autocorrect wrote that and what you meant was “congrats” 🙂 Happens to me too. Thank you.

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  • One day…

    all of us

    The Beach!!!

    That is MY wish…

    XO Jen

    • Jen, you bring the sunscreen and I’ll bring the towels!

  • Congratulations! I would like to check out your favorite blogs later. Enjoy and keep shining!

    • Thank you! It’s everyone here that adds to the shine 😀

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    • Thanks for stopping by, Cecelia. Hope you visit again.

  • Thanks Debby – it really is all about the Him and the beach!

    • Ahh, a kindred soul you are, Judi!

  • Nice to learn more about you, and HOW NICE you love the place you must be! 🙂

    • It is, Katharine. Nice to love where we have been assigned. It hasn’t always been that way but always we’ve found something special about the place and taken with us lessons. I’m sure you know that from the moves you’ve made.

      • Oh, yes. One place we left burned to the ground, later. It was one we were happy/sad to leave, but then quite happy. God always has His hand upon us, always works for our good. I need to remember that.