The Boss of Me

Our granddaughter has been with us this week for her spring break which didn’t coincide with her mommy’s spring break. Lucky for us!

She reminds me how much I’ve forgotten. Forgotten how a little 4-year old can be the boss of me.

She reminds me how I need to slow down and play. I’m not so good with pretend play but I pull out the glue, paint, sing Twist and Shout when she’s shaking something and can come up with silly voices to make her smile in that “are your crazy?” kind of grin she looks at me with.

We’ve taken walks around the neighborhood, sometimes all of us and tonight, just she and her Pwince at her request. She, on the “motorcycle” she adorned with sparkly stickers until her “bottom gets tired” and she walks leaving one of us to carry the pink, plastic big wheel. Yes, she’s the boss of both of us.

She’s been with us at the Center everyday this week due to commitments we had. I’d go in later and leave early and some days we tag-teamed. Our offices looked like a child care and no apologies were made for people needing to meet with us. Yesterday, however, was our day. The three of us, all day.

The new bathing suit she’d chosen earlier this week finally got to make its beach début. Hindsight has taught me a suit with a tutu isn’t the best to wear to a sandy beach. I hope my bathtub will drain properly with the sand that came off of that suit. And that’s after using the showers at the beach!

She has reminded me how scary noises can be. But once identified, the noise isn’t so scary.

She has reminded me how good it is to load the paint brush full and not to paint sparingly.

She’s reminded me how annoying whining is and how beautiful the words please and thank you.

She’s reminded me how important it is to choose the right Prince.