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Some Say ADD but I Say Versatile

I can be overwhelmed by too many choices. Give me two options and I’m a lot happier. Chocolate or vanilla? With or without nuts? When I walk in a store like Charming Charlie’s that is full of every accessory and organized by color, I’m likely to come out empty-handed because I could decide. Too much. Sensory overload!

Looking around our house you’d find evidence of my, versatility, as I like to call it (though I have been accused of having ADD). I have a plastic bin with tiny drawers filled with embroidery thread and the pieces I’ve stitched but not framed or sewn up. I have quilting supplies and another unfinished project. There are the boxes filled with rubber stamps, ribbons, shaped hole punches and lots of embellishments for scrapbooking and paper crafting. Did I mention the paints?


Get the idea?

Just so you know, I’ve used every one of these crafting mediums with some regularity and skill. Much more when our children were home, which I really don’t understand since I had less time then.

So the timing is good for Melis from iamnotshe, to pass the Versatile Blogger award to me. The definition of versatile I like best is this one:

embracing a variety of subjects, fields, or skills; also :turning with ease from one thing to another
Yes, some may see me as ADD but really, I’m just versatile.
This award says I’m to share 5 things about me so I thought I’d share 5 different topics I find myself most often blogging about.
1. Our ministry in the recovery community. My husband and I are in charge of a 99 bed residential facility where most of the residents have lost their way in life due to alcohol or drug addiction.
2. The Salvation Army. My husband, Henry, and I are ordained ministers in The Salvation Army and it’s through them we oversee this facility called an Adult Rehabilitation Center. (ARC)
3. My mom. Mama has dementia and I frequently write about navigating this unexpected and uncharted journey.
4. Photography. This is my new creative interest. I devote Wednesday’s blogs to Wordless Wednesday where only photo’s are posted and enjoy including more photo’s in Saturday posts.
5. Grace. Hopefully, this is what you can find somewhere in every post. I want grace to be seen in the photographs as well as the words because I need grace. The more grace I receive the more I hope to be able to give. I want to practice graceful living more.
My thanks to dear Melis for passing this award on to me. We read many of the same and I know I’d be duplicating her nominees so just take a look at the following blogs when you can. I think you’ll find some versatility here too.
JudiKruis @ It’s Not Really About Me  Judi includes daily thoughts from scripture in her blogs
Montucky @Montana Outdoors Lovely photographs from Montana
Sherrie Theirault @sherrietheriault Sherrie writes poetically about her journey in recovery
Tatertot24’s Blog @tatertot24 Adam is a graduate of our ARC and was involved in a serious accident last year where he almost lost his leg. He is a new blogger writing about his journey, the up’s and down’s.
Calmacceptance.blogspot.com She writes about her personal journey in recovery.

11 thoughts on “Some Say ADD but I Say Versatile

  1. I love it : versatile not HDD! Me too! I’ve gotta lotta half-baked items laying around. I love your choices for 5. You write about each topic beautifully and with grace indeed!! XO mel

    • Lou, I used to be a lot more organized. Don’t know what’s happened to me! I need to send you a picture of our son. We just found out he won 2nd place in a body building competition over the weekend.

  2. Oh how fun!
    I may borrow your versitle definition for this one! :D
    At least you start!
    I’m a great finisher but easily intimidated by the starting, which I choose to call weighing my options rather than procrastinating! ;)
    Great photos, great things to learn about you!

    • I use to finish my projects, Debbie. These days, well…..I just don’t do as much of them. My mom always enjoyed making things and me making things for her. She’s the one I shared it with most. I’ll have to tell one of my friends you phrase “weighing my options”. She says she’s a procrastinator.

      Thanks, Deb.

  3. Had to nominate you for the Readers Appreciation Award – I know Jen already did – but I had to anyway if I was going to list the readers I most appreciate! ;)
    love and prayers,

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