I Got Connections

Some of my peeps from the past. How I love you all!

Stooped over the front of my oven, reaching down to wipe grime I notice has collected, and I wonder how two grown folks can produce so much dirt. I thought fingerprints would end when the boy left the nest but the man/boy has taken his place.

Got chocolate?

This simple task has brought back memories of our little home when our children were young and how the long cord from the telephone would reach with me as I wiped down the kitchen one more time. Many a sink was cleaned as I talked to daddy or Barb or Donna. Sometimes it would be Brian who called and a theological discussion would quickly ensue. A time that others said would fly by but I was too busy to notice and it did.

Our phones have no cords anymore and the cords of friendship seem to be held by Facebook. Daddy and Barb listening to Jesus now (I know daddy is playing in a band and Barb, she’s directing something!) and Brian serving in Peru and Donna, sweet Donna serving through her heart. We are still connected.


young friends

I find this mysterious internet that connects so many of us without any visible signs of tethering, has opened new avenues of friendship. I have wrestled with that wondering how odd I must sound talking about a friend I’ve never met or seen. It feels like I’m 5 again playing make believe with my dolls. Or worse, an episode of Alfred Hitchcock where the little girls’ doll came to life (it scared me the most!). But I’m starting to figure it out and to understand you are friends. Just like “real life” some of you are acquaintances and some have grown to more. We may never meet but you are as real to me as the words you write and prayers you send.

And this to say thank you to Melis, as she shares with me the Reader Appreciation Award. As I understand it, I get to appreciate my readers. YOU! It’s one of the things I do best, I think. And I so appreciate you. The you’s who comment and the you’s who don’t. The readers who subscribe for the photo blogs and the ones who read to be part of this community connected to recovery. Some of you read only about the Salvation Army and some of you, you’re just too nice to stop reading!

Melis, from iamnotshe, knows my aversion to awards. She’s a sly one that girl πŸ˜‰ She has much to say about eating disorders and her victorious battle. Please stop by her blog and say a neighborly hi.

I’m to nominate others. For this, I’m putting it on you. I can recommend whole heartedly any of the bloggers that comment on Graceland. So check the comments and click on their url. It would be the friendly thing to do πŸ™‚