Come Find Me

“We are waiting for the glorious coming of Christ. Sometimes the heart yearning for the gift – is part of the gift!”

from A Jesus Advent Celebration Devotional

It’s an interesting game of hide-and-seek with a 5-year old when they call to you from their hiding place as if you can’t follow the sound of their voice. Of course, she knows she will be found. That’s the point. But we can’t find her too quickly or the anticipation of it all is lost. And that is the most fun. Her eyebrows raised with a smile ready on her face as she hides behind a curtain, feet stuck out in plain view, and calls “Baba, find me!”.

a bit younger than 5 in this picture

a bit younger than 5 in this picture


I want to look for baby Jesus again. I want to have the anticipation I had for Santa Claus as a child. I want to share and build the delight of looking for Him with the men we serve. I want to share Advent with them. The real story of Christmas. The one where an unmarried pregnant teenage girl was chosen to birth this special Child. Where her fiancé would have left her were it not for an Angel and the faith Joseph had to believe. It’s a messy story really, where the Savior came into our mess.

Mother-in-law's ornament

Mother-in-law’s ornament


Our building will look lovely. It won’t be filled with farm animals and their smells like it was in Bethlehem. We’ll have beautifully decorated trees throughout and a Nativity display that is more like a miniature town. There will be candles and ribbons and candy and Christmas songs many don’t know because they aren’t sung in school anymore. They’ll struggle through the high keys those carols seem tl be written in but we’ll sing Away in a Manger and Hark! the Herald Angels Sin and maybe even Angels We Have Heard on High. We. Will. Celebrate. Christmas!


The men's decorations in their dorm hall.

The men’s decorations in their dorm hall.

We will look for him as we read the words of the prophet Isaiah and how people have been looking for Jesus for thousands of years.

And we’ll know we will find Him.



  • Your start had me dwelling in the “anticipation” of Advent and the childlike faith of wonder – A beautiful thing. Looking ahead with hopeful expectation!

    • I am too, Judi. It’s that hopeful expectation that is the most fun, isn’t it? And sharing it is pretty good too!

      • God always has more to the story!

        • Judi, isn’t that just great? Adds to the expectancy.