He isn’t safe, but he’s good.

I was greeted by this notification when I opened Facebook: Your friends want to know if you’re safe. Mark yourself safe.

It was the day a man walked into our airport in Ft. Lauderdale and began shooting people.

The first time I saw this notification was a year ago when one popped up telling me a friend living in Orlando had marked himself safe in the assault on the nightclub there.

Whether it’s a natural disaster or man-made tragedy we’re now offered a way through social media to assure our family and friends we’re safe.

Declaring this to be sure only speaks to our physical state. Feeling safe inside is another story.

I won’t go into details publicly, but the past few years I’ve felt not safe. My physical life isn’t in danger but I have felt deep fear from the decisions of others. I’ve put my thoughts and feelings on paper. I’ve shared them with friends because I needed others to validate my feelings, to assure me it’s not paranoia. I needed to allow others to speak truth and correction to me where needed.

It’s funny the things that make us feel safe. Routine, schedules, knowing the sun will rise and set and the dog will always love us no matter what, these things offer a feeling a safety. Consistency and boundaries are needed.

And then there’s faith. It’s not very safe at all.

That’s been part of my dilemma. To trust people are acting on God’s leading when I know the deep imperfections of people. Or am I to trust that God is leading in spite of their deep imperfections? Questions that are constant companions to over thinkers. (insert sly smile)

Through my wondering and uncertainty, through the feelings of despair and fear I was reminded of this quote from C.S. Lewis’ The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe:

“Aslan is a lion- the Lion, the great Lion.” “Ooh” said Susan. “I’d thought he was a man. Is he-quite safe? I shall feel rather nervous about meeting a lion”…”Safe?” said Mr Beaver …”Who said anything about safe? ‘Course he isn’t safe. But he’s good. He’s the King, I tell you.”

To follow our King, Jesus Christ, isn’t safe. But it’s good because he’s good. He’s the King, I tell you.

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Where do you find grace? Inside the church walls? Around the dinner table with your family? For years, grace was not much more than the prayer we said before meals or a biblical concept. Then I met a group of men who had, as we say, reached bottom. They welcomed me to Graceland. They showing me grace can be found in the darkest of places. I'm still searching and learning. I hope you'll want to come along.


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    Enjoyed your post today. Yes, feeling safe inside is an entirely different story! Thanks be to God that in spite of ourselves and other people that we may look to, He alone is the One we can trust.

    grace and peace,
    pat(your neighbor at 5 Minute Friday!)

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      Thank you Pat. Yes, is is the only one to put our trust.

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    Nicely said!

    1. Reply

      Thank you Mike. 🙂

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    He’s the King I tell you and in Him we are eternally safe. xo And, my postcard? I ♥ it.

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      I’m smiling Susan, see 🙂

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    That’s my very favorite image of God – wild, unsafe, but so good. Thankful that, for as turbulent as the world can be, we have hope in that safety and goodness.

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      Oh, I find that image scary Annie. But in light of the turbulence in this world, I recognize his goodness and safety more clearly.

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    Your questions are so poignant. Talking about how you feel to get feedback about the truth of your feelings is very challenging for me, but so important.

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      I’m blessed to have friends who are a place of safety, Gabriele. Challenging, yes, but often sanity saving.

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    You are the second post I’ve read that quoted Aslan. I’m in the 62 spot this week.

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      I wrote mine before I even read Kate’s and there it was! You have to admit, it’s a great quote!

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    Whoa!! Have heard this quote soooo many times lately–am guessing God is trying to tell me something! 😉

    And this: “That’s been part of my dilemma. To trust people are acting on God’s leading when I know the deep imperfections of people. Or am I to trust that God is leading in spite of their deep imperfections? Questions that are constant companions to over thinkers. (insert sly smile)” WOW–love how you are able to put that into words…hard but real questions!

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      I was just telling Tara that I wrote my post before reading others and the next two I read also used this. It’s one of my favorite quotes, Amy, although in some ways I don’t like it all. I want God to be safe. (sigh)

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    Hi Debby! So glad I stopped by (better late than never). I absolutely love this image of God… Aslan the lion, wild, powerful, uncontrollable, but so good. I wrote this week that “Fear is a bully” and it really is that, isn’t it? Fear hits you in the most vulnerable parts, when you least expect it. Thank God that He promises that “Perfect love casts out fear.”
    Trusting that your journey to complete wholeness, inside and out, will be accelerated under a blanket of just that kind of love.
    Have a great week, my friend.
    Shauna (your “fashionably late” neighbour waaay over in #96 🙂

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      Hi Shauna. I sure need the reminder that God isn’t safe. But, oh, is he good! It’s a tough one but also a comforting one. Always glad to see you here.

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