Sinking in Grace

6:30 a.m., 75* with a feels like of 90. Summer is not over.

By 10:30 humidity still clings to the bottom of our sliding glass doors and this long weekend, the one that ushers a change of seasons to so many, just means an extra day at the beach for us locals.

view from inside Panera Bread

view from inside Panera Bread

Today's water temp even warmer.

Today’s water temp even warmer than back in May.


Beach side parking was taken by 9AM and we had to go further south to a smaller stretch of shore where the outgoing tide licks against the boulders placed there to hold against erosion. This is my calming place. Though today less so as I wrestle with allergy issues and, really, this humidity was kicking my live-in-a/c spoiled body! I was tempted to forget it. We were there Saturday, really, maybe let it go this time.





Labor Day

We walked. Walked to where the crowds were, the ones who got to the parking before us, the ones with lots of kiddies enjoying the bath water temperature of the ocean. We walked my photographer walk which is stopping a lot along the way. The sun beating harder today and no wind. None!

We decided a lot of people go to the beach like people go to church. In church, you have Christmas and Easter folks and with the beach, you have Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day. Church needs to come up with one more holiday!

I seldom go in the water. Salt water sticks to you and who knows what’s down there around your feet. No, I don’t care much to go all the way in, just to let it lap at my feet like today as it rolled out. A few times it caught me with a bigger spray and I was surprised to find sand on the back of my shoulders when I got home. It felt good, those splashes. And all the while we were there these words soothed my tender heart:

If His grace is an ocean, we’re all sinking!

Just another beautiful beach morning

A late post meaning these pictures were taken this morning. The weather cleared the past couple of days and it was a busy day at the beach. The ocean was calm and clear. Perfect to be in the water.

I found myself captivated by these boys skim boarding.

They looked to be about 11 and were having a grand time. Particularly, the boy in the blue shirt. He took a run at it more often than the others not willing to wait for the ‘just right moment’. I hope you enjoy their spirit. youth and energy comes through the pictures. Enjoy!

We love this place!

The Boss of Me

Our granddaughter has been with us this week for her spring break which didn’t coincide with her mommy’s spring break. Lucky for us!

She reminds me how much I’ve forgotten. Forgotten how a little 4-year old can be the boss of me.

She reminds me how I need to slow down and play. I’m not so good with pretend play but I pull out the glue, paint, sing Twist and Shout when she’s shaking something and can come up with silly voices to make her smile in that “are your crazy?” kind of grin she looks at me with.

We’ve taken walks around the neighborhood, sometimes all of us and tonight, just she and her Pwince at her request. She, on the “motorcycle” she adorned with sparkly stickers until her “bottom gets tired” and she walks leaving one of us to carry the pink, plastic big wheel. Yes, she’s the boss of both of us.

She’s been with us at the Center everyday this week due to commitments we had. I’d go in later and leave early and some days we tag-teamed. Our offices looked like a child care and no apologies were made for people needing to meet with us. Yesterday, however, was our day. The three of us, all day.

The new bathing suit she’d chosen earlier this week finally got to make its beach début. Hindsight has taught me a suit with a tutu isn’t the best to wear to a sandy beach. I hope my bathtub will drain properly with the sand that came off of that suit. And that’s after using the showers at the beach!

She has reminded me how scary noises can be. But once identified, the noise isn’t so scary.

She has reminded me how good it is to load the paint brush full and not to paint sparingly.

She’s reminded me how annoying whining is and how beautiful the words please and thank you.

She’s reminded me how important it is to choose the right Prince.

Night Life

Most of our time at the beach is spent in the morning hours. This time of year, the east coast darkens a bit early as the sun is blocked by buildings to the west. But….it is a beautiful sky at dusk and life on the beach just as full as that of the morning. At least on this stretch of beach.

Off Duty

kite man

Families are huddled around blankets and towels on the sand and the kite man was taking advantage of the evening breeze to sail this kite above the palms.

Volleyball games are still being played and a couple of young men having some fun with the skim board.

The new pier is finished and it was full of fishermen and folks like us enjoying a walk out to see the shoreline from a different perspective.

The sky, oh, it is beautiful with its ribbons of pink and the fiery blaze of orange and gold as the sun sets behind the buildings. It is hard to take our eyes off of it because it changes so fast. As we stop to see if a simple camera can capture even a glimpse of this beauty a man stops and points…”There, frame it with the palms”, he says. “It’s already changed from when I turned my head.” And he walks on his way. A moment exchanged with a stranger captured by natures beauty as are we. I wonder if he knows the creator of this splendor. How could anyone not? It is too grand and too skillful to be accidental.

Life is a Beach

Fishermen on the pier

This time of year we are more often walking on the crowded sidewalk at Deerfield Beach rather than the sand. The winds typically stronger the water typically empty. There are crowds of people jogging, walking and meeting on the sidewalk. Life is hurrying by or moving at a slower pace. This is where the life is. This is where we see a mom leading her handicap son (I assume the relationship) to the sandy path. The snow birds wearing their shirts marking the northern teams as they walk the measured paces. I hear one older man talk of his two boys to another and it makes me smile.

New Year's Day

The Domino Group

We’ve been walking this walk four years. A group of older men who seem to meet here regularly piques my interest. It gladdens my heart to see seniors out in the sun, some at a brisk walk and others much slower.

Surf Class

The north end is the younger crowd. Surf classes and beach volleyball are the activity at this end. Life. So much life around. I stop to take a picture of another lifeguard stand. One day, I tell Henry, I’ll have to make a collection of lifeguard stand pictures. They grab my attention. What color of flags are out today? Green for calm seas but purple for dangerous sea life. Must be Man-of-War at this time of year. And what’s the water temperature? (as if I’m going to get in the water in January!)

This is where I try to take it all in. Near the water’s edge the calming sense of God’s creation. On the cobbled sidewalk the people a different reminder of God and his creativity. A collection of differences.

Sometimes the flurry of life can block out the voice of God. But here, with life around, I hear him. I hear him in the laughter and the wind. You just have to listen.