Day: April 7, 2012

In our local grocery store.

Holidays aren’t the same without little ones to bring certain traditions near. So far, Henry hasn’t expressed an interest in dying Easter eggs or hunting for them. It hasn’t stopped me from finding a collection of images that show the hope and brightness Easter gives me.

I’m convinced whatever you’re looking for you can find. I looked for Easter symbols in the grocery store yesterday and was treated to beautiful color that proclaims life to me.

Wondering through a favorite shop also brought some sweet images of this holiday that seems to also be the climax of spring.

This one came home with me.

My favorites at home are this cloche with a vintage Easter card and painted wooden egg nested in mini-wreath. I saw the idea on Pinterest, that wonderful site that has more inspiration than I’ll ever be able to get to. The wreath on our front door was made by Randall, one of our grad/employees. A former florist Randall is often my right hand at the Center. He also made these arrangements with the marshmallow Peeps from a picture I saw on, where? Pinterest, of course 🙂 My absolute favorite and most precious are the hand embroidered felt eggs made by an exceptionally talented of mine, Suzi. She is not only talented but a generous heart and a sparkle in her eyes that lets you know this is going to be fun!

And while I’m sounding like an advertisement for the above referenced site, my favorite is this project (found on you know where) I did with kk when she was with us last month. What 4 year old doesn’t love have a body part covered with paint – on purpose! How sweet to make the lamb with her handprint. The lamb referencing The Lamb whose sacrifice we honored yesterday and who lives today.