Day: May 13, 2012

Women have been great teachers in my life. Granny, mama, my first two teachers. My sixth grade teacher stands out in my mind as a woman that loved God and loved her students. So many others who have no idea they’ve shared a lesson with me. Are still sharing…yes, you blogger-women!

Did you hear some of these at your house?

Don’t run in the house. (Apparently brothers don’t comprehend this one)

My brother. I’m sure he was also told not to stand on the dining room chairs

Just try one bite. (mostly for my brother)

On a road trip to visit family in California
No doubt feeding the dog the food he wouldn’t try.

If you’re too sick for school you’re too sick to go outside (or anywhere else.)

We weren’t sick much 🙂 (In Shawnee, Oklahoma, late 60’s)

Don’t pick at that.

Fever blisters and the home permanent always showed up in time for school pictures. First grade.

Be nice.

Mom doing hospital visitation


Do you want your face to freeze that way?

Sit like a lady. (not for my brother)

I’m pretty sure mama wouldn’t approve of me sitting on the arm of the sofa. 1977

Say please and thank you.

My brother and I 1989
With mom in 2001

Don’t let the door slam. (another one for my brother)

Enjoy this 3 minute video of my favorite Momism’s performed to William Tell Overture. And Happy Mother’s Day to all the women out there. You’ve all had an imprint on someone whether you’ve borne children or not. Thank you