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From people who have been, reactions are mixed. Some note how commercial it’s become while others say “It’s where Jesus walked”. Christians call it the Holy Land. It is the birthplace of religion. It is at the heart of world history. And I just want to take pictures.


I want to photograph people who look and live differently from me. I want to capture the essence of the place. I want the photos to talk.

Lord willing and Atlanta doesn’t get closed by another freeze, we’ll be flying with a group on an education tour of this Holy Land. Israel. Our tour itinerary says we’ll spend a few nights in Tiberius visiting Nazareth and the Sea of Galilee. We’ll have devotions at the Jordan River and Mount of Olives.

We’ll move over to Jerusalem and see Rabbi’s Tunnels and the Western Wall. We’ll go to Bethlehem and see not one, but a few places where Jesus could have been born.

My sister-in-law tells me how so much has been built on top of and on top of and on top of again, the real history. Unlike parts of Turkey where the remains of many historic structures exist, Jerusalem has built on top of history. Still, it will be interesting. I expect parts will be surprisingly breathtaking, not because of physical beauty, but because God still speaks through history.

My expectations are tempered by a knowledge of change. My anticipation is of seeing new. New cultures and old customs. New ways to experience His love. New eyes to see His people.

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  1. How wonderful! Will be looking forward to your thoughts and photos from your trip.

    February 19, 2014

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