Healing for every disease

Psalm 103-3b

It only took until verse 3 to make me pause in my efforts to write out my specific thanks as listed in Psalm 103.

 This verse: “He heals your disease – every one”, stops me.

I know the answer. I know the ultimate healing the Psalmist is talking about. The healing when this body is gone and we find eternal peace and restoration in heaven. That is the healing that will last and the one that gives us hope in the midst of today’s struggles and disease.

It’s not my favorite answer. I’d prefer the answer that works like this:

“Dear Lord, please heal Linda of her cancer.” PRESTO – HEALED!

“Father God, please take this dementia away from mama.” PRESTO – HEAELD!


Isn’t that the kind of healing you want? Isn’t that the kind of God you expect? The kind who hears our prayers and answers them. Just like we want.

Instead, I find a God who works his way and not mine. I find a God who directs me to the doctor when my heart seems to be fluttering away and the tears won’t stop. I find a God whose healing is at the end of a prescription for anxiety meds.

I’ve found God heals through community and the 12 Steps. This healing is slow and more of a process and relapse is common but it’s a daily healing that depends on work. It’s a healing that embodies the spiritual practice of faith and works.

The healing I’ve found most often, the one that’s my least favorite, the healing that cures every disease is death. Death to self and life in Christ.

Job, the bible character most noted for his patience in suffering, was an example of healing. His family and possessions had been taken from him. Pain and physical suffering had consumed his body. His friends and his wife urged him to curse God. Others told him to seek forgiveness because surely all this disease and loss was brought on by sin.

In Job, healing looked like faith. Unshakeable faith that refused to curse God. Job died to himself when he endured physical suffering and pain. Died to himself to live in God. The here on earth God. Today and tomorrow.

This is healing. For every disease.

This is the healing for which I thank God.

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Where do you find grace? Inside the church walls? Around the dinner table with your family? For years, grace was not much more than the prayer we said before meals or a biblical concept. Then I met a group of men who had, as we say, reached bottom. They welcomed me to Graceland. They showing me grace can be found in the darkest of places. I'm still searching and learning. I hope you'll want to come along.

0 thoughts on “Healing for every disease

  1. joseph elon lillie

    Amen! I find too that there has been a deep healing inside of me as my vision changes from what is temporary to what is eternal. Healing has become a pathway that involves the spiritual, emotional, logical and physical being and pretty much in that order.


    1. Debby

      I like the progression of healing you mention, Joseph. I think that’s quite true with me as well. It’s also what I’ve seen in true recovery. It starts in a spiritual place. Thank you for that observation.


    1. Debby

      Thank you Kristin. May God give you wisdom and grace in your journey.


  2. Chrystal

    This one is difficult for me, too. I understand the healing that comes slowly and the healing that comes quickly. When I’m in the middle of the process, though, it’s still difficult. I love Job because his story reminds me that no matter how dark things look around me, it doesn’t mean that God has abandoned me. I love Naomi’s story for much the same reasons.


    1. Debby

      Isn’t the middle the hardest place, Chrystal? We can’t see the beginning or the end when we’re in the middle, only ourselves. How true it is that the darkness doesn’t mean God isn’t there. And I like how you mentioned Naomi’s story. I forget that one too often. Thanks for bringing your thoughts to the conversation.


  3. Angela

    So beautifully said! I’ve had to learn that it doesn’t mean I lack faith when I’m not healed instantly. It just means my story includes some suffering and persevering in faith, which God can use for His glory. Btw, found your post on the 31 Dayers FB group 🙂 and so glad I did!


    1. Debby

      No, not experiencing that instant healing has no reflection on our faith. Sometimes I think we need to remind ourselves of that a lot. I’m glad you found this little space in the blogosphere too because it helped me find yours 🙂 Welcome!


  4. Mama's Empty Nest

    I think there are a ton of folks out there who don’t understand why they or their loved ones aren’t healed when they’ve been prayed for so diligently. Some even turn away from God because of it. I’ve even heard someone say the person doesn’t have enough faith! Oh, that one makes me angry. It’s up to us to point them in the right direction and you’ve done that so well with this post.


  5. judikruis

    Mama is right…you’ve pointed out that our timing and His are not quite the same. Peace to you sis.


    1. Debby

      Jude, my sister told me a couple of weeks ago one of mama’s former pastors visited and prayed with her and mama bowed her head and mumbled something. We know she was praying. Healing has many different forms.


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