Day Four – Sunday’s Ordinary Beauty

As long as I can remember, as long as I’ve been on this earth, Sunday has been a day of gathering.

Born into a church family from a church family, born to preacher parents, all other days pointed to Sunday.

We gathered Sunday clothes and Sunday books, Sunday people and Sunday dinner. The doors opened wide on our little churches begging for a bigger gathering of people week after week.

Sunday was the day we all got up with the same purpose, same intention, same schedule. And somehow, we got there without contention and we got there early, amen and thank you Jesus.

Sunday is where I learned beauty isn’t always external or pretty. There was the Sunday beauty of Billy, an older man who sat at the organ every week, shoes off with his socked-feet on the pedals, greeting everyone who walked by.

Billy was different. I never heard the real story but the mark on his head seemed to confirm a head injury of some kind. His was an awkward beauty, best seen when looking back and realizing his testimony was his faithfulness.

Beauty in the kids squirming about and the homeless man who wandered in, welcomed by Ed, stone cold deaf but it never stopped him from nodding in agreement with whatever was said that he never heard.

kids with songbook

warehouse chapel

ARC chapel and guitar


It was one of our pastors at our long time church who had the courage to cancel Sunday night service one year on Mother’s Day. It was all our group of peers could do not to stand up and let out a hearty cheer for his sheer bravery. The pastor said, seemed like this was a good day to gather with our families.

Turned out that was a test and not long after, we stopped having Sunday night church all together. We didn’t stop gathering. Relationships were strengthened in those afternoons on the tennis court or a cookout with friends. Our families grew together watching our kids play. Fellowship beyond the church doors made it a lasting beauty.

Today it’s me and the preacher-man doing the gathering of stuff Sunday mornings; sermon notes, laptop for media, prayers for everything. It’s the two of us gathering an extended family of men stained with the disease of addiction, many struggling still and even in struggle we see how beauty doesn’t give up.

We will gather songs and words and hearts along the way. We will pray our sinful lives will be restored and we thank God for recovering the beauty he made in us all along.

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Where do you find grace? Inside the church walls? Around the dinner table with your family? For years, grace was not much more than the prayer we said before meals or a biblical concept. Then I met a group of men who had, as we say, reached bottom. They welcomed me to Graceland. They showing me grace can be found in the darkest of places. I'm still searching and learning. I hope you'll want to come along.

8 thoughts on “Day Four – Sunday’s Ordinary Beauty

  1. carlybenson

    Debby, I’ve enjoyed catching up on your series so far. I love the idea of finding beauty in ordinary things. I enjoyed your descriptions of the different people in your church- the organist, the children, the homeless man.. There really is a beauty in the way church brings such different people together, united by Jesus, and I love your comment that “even in the struggle we see how beauty doesn’t give up”.


    1. Debby Hudson

      Thanks Carly. I looked around the room today as my husband talked about the Psalmist David and the challenges he had in his life. And still, God calls him a man after God’s own heart. There is room for all in God’s family. That is the good news!


  2. Gabriele

    I’m Billy at the organ on Sunday, talking to people as they pass by. Beautiful reflection on the Sabbath and gathering.


    1. Debby Hudson

      Do you play the organ without your shoes too? πŸ˜‰ I know those you greet appreciate your faithfulness in serving.


  3. Meg Gemelli

    Debby this is beautiful. You brought back a nostalgia from my own upbringing…always in the church for studies, choir practice, etc. It was such a peaceful place. Wonderful blog today. Thank you!


  4. Meg Gemelli

    Debby, I’m left nostalgic reading this. I grew up in the church…studies, choir, banquets…it was always something. So peaceful and quiet. Great blog and thank you for the memories today! Happy to be a first time visitor:)


  5. mommyinbonlee

    Debby, this is beautiful. There are so many special things about church on Sunday, especially the people who gather there. I enjoyed reading this today!


    1. Debby Hudson

      Thanks so much. I’m glad you stopped by and are part of the ‘gathering’.


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