Celebrate {Redemption Stories}

Old ways won’t work anymore. New ways are taught and shown. Having fun in recovery is as important as any other aspect. Whether you’re recovering from addiction, alcoholism or the wrongs you can never get right, tt’s about living this life the rest of our life.

So we celebrate.

Every day is a celebration of God’s redemption. We are part of His story.


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Where do you find grace? Inside the church walls? Around the dinner table with your family? For years, grace was not much more than the prayer we said before meals or a biblical concept. Then I met a group of men who had, as we say, reached bottom. They welcomed me to Graceland. They showing me grace can be found in the darkest of places. I'm still searching and learning. I hope you'll want to come along.

2 thoughts on “Celebrate {Redemption Stories}

  1. Tara

    Yes you are! What a beautiful thing!


    1. Debby Hudson

      Thanks for being a faithful cheerleader for us, Tara!


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