Growth According to Bob Goff


We grow where we’re loved.- Bob Goff

We are away at a conference this week so I thought it might be a good time to share some quotes, photographs, and small bites of words from me.

I think I’ve established that I don’t have a green thumb. Any plant that survives with us does so on its own. I appreciate having nature around me but I tend to ignore it. I can’t say I love the plants. But, I don’t think my lack of love is what causes their doom.

In our work with men struggling through life, we’ve seen the effects of people living but not being loved. Some have felt the physical impact of abuse. More experienced abuse from words, and a general lack of attention and nurturing. Their emotional growth was stifled. Some are wary that anyone could care without ulterior motives. Some have perfected the art of numbing.

We know that premature babies benefit from being held. Some hospitals have volunteers that come and rock the babies because they need to be held more than one person can provide Being held in a loving embrace provides something that can’t be measured in a study or on a scale.

It doesn’t just work for babies. Human touch makes a positive difference.

We live in an age where hugs aren’t always acceptable. There are boundaries we need to recognize. Not everyone welcomes a hug. But a gentle hand on a shoulder or even a fist bump provides a human connection that, I believe, communicates caring.

Reaching out takes little effort and gives so much. Goff’s words are true. We grow where we are loved.


The photographs I’m including are available free to download from my little space on Unsplash. This link will take you to my collection of images. 


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