Tag: inner critic

It’s 8 a.m on a weekday when I go to our patio to soak up the morning sun. The palm trees barely move in the still air but sun is already warm on this February day.

I take my iPad to read, still trying to recover from all manner of yuckiness with a sinus infection. I lean back in the lounge chair to the sounds of morning traffic on the other side of our privacy fence. I see the top of a semi transporting something, a garbage truck rumbles by and a motorcycle loudly speeds on, identified only by sound. The whir of morning commuters doesn’t stop. A lawn service joins the cacophony of sound and the neighbors dogs, inside their house, are barking. And barking.

When we moved in this house nine years ago the street behind our us was a dead end. Our back porch was a place of peace and quiet save for the peacock heard from a nearby county park every now and then.

Then road work began and the street to nowhere became a major east-west road for daily commuters (myself included most days). Add to that, neighbors who moved next door last year with dogs I’ve never seen outside but whose bark can be heard from inside their house to inside our house, windows closed and a/c on.

My husband is the first to notice a crying baby. That’s a sound I’m able to block out. Maybe it’s a mom thing. We know the cry that needs attention and the cry that’s trying to get attention. We can ignore the latter.

More and more of my friends have said lately they’re pulling back from social media because of the political tension that sounds a lot like noise and we just don’t need more noise in the world.

I could choose to stay inside our house blocking out the traffic noise. But sometimes we have to fight through the noise to notice the beauty that’s there.

Inside, I see the tops of a few palm trees but outside on the porch, I see a row of them against a clear blue sky, the breeze picking up a little to make the branches dance. A yellow butterfly floated by and there’s nothing like feeling the suns rays warm this body tired of fighting the stuffiness.

Yes, the political strife is noisy and we should pull back from some of it but lets not forget the beauty of free speech and impassioned hearts. Let’s give thanks for voices fighting to keep these freedoms.

Maybe the loudest noise is within. Sometimes the inner voice is angry. I called myself knucklehead at least three times yesterday. That’s unacceptable. I need to shut that voice up. What’s your inner voice saying to you?

Is that the noise you need to quiet?

There are some things my inner voice says that I don’t want to hear but need to hear. The challenge is in separating the lies from the truth. Yes, I need to get my lazy self up and exercise. No, I’m not fat. (Isn’t that a hard one to believe?)

Maybe I can endure the noise of morning traffic because my soul is craving the peace of nature. Even nature surrounded by machines. What noise do you need to fight through to find peace for your soul? Have you found the peace that is tethered to all that God is?

“The peace of our souls does not have to rise and fall with unpredictable people or situations. Our feelings will shift, of course. People do affect us. But the peace of our souls is tethered to all that God is.” Lysa TerKeurst