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I merge onto the interstate, making my way past the slow moving vehicles traveling at a crawl to the far left lanes, the fast lane. I push past those traveling at 65 mph….oh, how they creep along!

Other areas of my life mimic this need for speed or lack of patience. I try to avoid the checkout lanes that look to be slow, bogged down with shoppers with full carts. And I hope I the person in front of me isn’t the last person on earth to actually write a check!

Is it sheer irony that I’d choose hobbies that demand me to go slow? Is it a subtle way for God to slow my pace and still my racing mind?

There is no hurry when I take needle in hand and stitch the little pieces of felt. Or when I put paint brush to paper. Or stage a still life photo.

It’s been more than a year since I joined a still life photography class. Note the title: BE STILL.

I’ve gone from that class on to another but the focus continues to be on still life. The kind of life that is measured and slow. I search for props and arrange them with uncertainty, tweaking them as I shoot. Time seems not to matter when inspiration comes. There is no rushing it. None.

It is not my natural state, this stillness. But it is good. It is like hearing your breaths. Even, measured, unhurried. It is pausing to take notice of what’s around me. To take notice of now.

Rushing on my drive to work may get me there a few minutes faster. It may give me some temporary satisfaction. But it’s gone like a vapor. There’s no beauty to be shared.

The moments of going slow are the balance needed in my life. My mind goes from hurried thoughts of shoulds to moments of still and slow and beauty.

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I’m so glad to make a point of recording things I’ve learned each month, thanks to Emily Freeman‘s monthly link-ups. It’s nice to realize you did learn something.


This month I’ve been participating in two on-line courses. A continuation of a photography class taught by Kim Klassen focusing on still life shots. I’ve enjoyed it so much I signed up for a year ’round class called Be Still. This month a couple of big take-away’s for me are all about the set up.  I learned that stores like Home Depot and Lowes sell ceramic tiles that look like wood flooring. YES! I bought 3 at a cost of under $7.00 and have used them in many of my shots.

I also had someone cut a pallet up for me and I painted the shortened planks to use them too. Both give nice texture to the shots.

backlight blue

one year wiser Feb, light filter

These are the ceramic tiles and below the painted pallet boards.

3 starfish on blue, horizontal

daisy on linen with bottles in holder

After using an iPhone for about 4 years I just learned how to adjust the exposure on the phone’s camera. When in camera mode, tap on the subject you want to focus on. If you need to lighten the exposure, slide you finger up next to the yellow box you see on the screen. Voila! Oh, the little things 🙂


smh – This isn’t exactly a word, but the letters smh seen in texts or Facebook posts. I had no idea what it meant, so I asked someone younger, who confided she had asked her teenager. Whew! Oh, it means shaking my head. Like you’re probably doing now.

Complementarianism / Egalitarianism 

The first is a theological term indicating men and women have different roles, in particular, that leadership roles are reserved for men with support roles for women. The second, egalitarianism, means shared roles; one of more equality.

I’ve read both of these words for some time in blogs and posts and if you read Sarah Bessey or Rachel Held Evans, you have too. I had an idea of their meaning but not a clarity until recently. I think I haven’t been familiar with these terms because I’ve been raised in a denomination that ordains women and recognizes the gift of leadership in women as well as men. That being said, I guess you know which describes my belief.

Extroverted Introvert 

This is ME! Is it you too? Check out this article from Anna Bash


Have you seen James Cordon’s Carpool Karaoke? It is hilarious and a dangerous thing to start watching if you only have 5 minutes to spare. I recommend watching the one with him and Adele. Her facial expressions is priceless and he’s a pretty good singer too! (It’s a bit long but the first 5 minutes is where all the fun is.)


Two of my favorite reads this week:

How You Love Differently When You’re a Child of Divorce

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We mark our days by the turning of the calendar, the moving of the clock of the rising and setting of the sun. This time of year, day breaks gentle in the south, the sun inching its way up earlier and earlier until morning has broken.


What an odd turn of words to say morning has broken but it has broken the darkness, split it wide open, though not in a dramatic way, parting the night in one huge entrance. No, the day breaks incrementally, easing its way across the sky until all darkness is gone.

We have been shooting into the light this week in my photography class. It’s class on stillness, really. Creating still life vignettes, learning a bit about composition, what is pleasing to the eye. Learning more about light and its importance to all of life. This week we turn the usual photography wisdom on its head and let the light take center stage. Instead of it illuminating our subject it is behind casting its glorious beams all around creating a challenge for the photographer. A challenge to learn about this light.

backlight blue

backlight cups saucers

backlight vignette

I thought this was just a photography class. I wanted to learn from this professional whose work I’ve admired on Instagram for a while now. But as God so cleverly crafts our life, gentle like the morning dawn that splits the darkness, He is crafting this too. I am ever reminded that He is the light of the world. That his light casts out all darkness and the darkness will not overtake him.

Our world is very dark at times. As a novice photographer, shooting at night has been the most challenging. Darkness threatens to overwhelm with its heavy weight. But the Light, Jesus, has overcome the darkness. He is the morning sun that though may seem hidden by clouds at times, is always there. His light, illuminating our lives, lighting the darkened way, bidding us to follow.

I’m going to a park near our house today to hopefully photograph the horses. Hoping they will be playful in this chilled morning, when the light is coming from the east, watching its golden glow, being reminded God is here.

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