Maybe, maybe not

I’ve decided to change my URL. That little internet address that connects you to this blog. The past year it’s been but I’ve changed it to something less descriptive and simpler. Something that doesn’t give the impression this is a blog about Elvis. (Yeah, who knew people would think that ;))

The new URL is Clever right? First, I’m surprised that was available. Other than my first name is spelled with a Y it’s not like it’s a unique name but it was available and I made the decision to go with it. It’s who I am and my blog is about more than one area of interest.

I’ve sort of quit listening to the blogging pro’s that say to find your niche or focus on what you’re about, i.e. how-to, photography, mama blogging, music, faith, family, etc.

I’m in the process of tweaking things and I’m not quite sure where it will all go so I beg your grace and hope you’ll stay through this. I’m fairly certainly you’ll help me get through it and am counting on you for pointers as we go.

It’s possible that the blog may go down momentarily while this is being sorted out. I keep getting notices that the current URL is about to expire and I think, stress the word think, it will be just fine but….maybe, maybe not.

Until then, I have a little Facebook page you can access here. I feature more of my art there so if you’re interested, hop over and keep plugged in while we see what’s going on. You just might decide to stay awhile.

iPad art
iPad art

When spring is a reminder of God’s promise

We’ve arrived in Augusta, GA for a week of meetings with our Organization. This place has spring. I know that sounds silly but South Florida is a place without seasons. I know its enviable to live in a place where temperatures in the 50’s signal winter, and those temperatures rarely last throughout the day.

We love the beach, its natural beauty, its ever-changing color and motion that brings to mind waves of spiritual metaphors. How our feet sink into the sand, not finding it solid purchase to build on and remember the story of the foolish who build their lives on shifting foundations.

No, even when the humidity brings that dewy look…..okay, let’s get real, it brings a full on sweat to even the most delicate of Southern Women just walking to the car. The months of August through October have me hoping for any break to leave this sauna that clings to the house windows taunting you to walk outside.

Our seasons are recognized by lots of rain and not as much rain. Lots of people and not as many people. Hardly a rush of color to be found other than a deepening green of our lawns and the jade green the ocean often is in winter months.

But we’ve found ourselves in a place that knows spring and it’s brilliantly deep colors have welcomed us and reminded us of more of God’s promise. Because, all creation sings his praise.

flowers verse


By the way, if you know what this flower is, please share it in the comments as they clearly aren’t a tropical variety so I have no clue ;)

And we’re off….again

We’ve been on the road a lot lately. Not so much pleasure this time around but that will come.

I’m guessing that’s what has inspired my latest bit of sketching. It’s how I’m processing these days. My escape, my solace, my delight. And a bit of whimsy sometimes. Don’t we all need a bit of that?

from a photo I took of this camper rolling down the road on one of our trips.
from a photo I took of this camper rolling down the road on one of our trips. A bit crude but learning sometimes is. 

VW Bus painting

I’m having fun painting in an old book that was going to be tossed from our warehouse. The pages aren’t smooth so they pick up the paint in fun ways. Don’t try to read the words because as I’ve tried I discovered it’s not so great a book. :(

Bel Air car squared


We saw this classic Bel Air being trailered down the highway on last weeks road trip. I snapped a photo and painted this for a friend who like classic cars. The granddaughter was quite impressed and gave her hearty approval. Oh, if I were as easy to please as a 7-year old ;)

Whether you are coming, going or staying put, enjoy the journey.


Five-Minute Friday {real}

The reality of this week had been staring me down. I wasn’t going to give in as I often do. Give in to whining and lamenting (which is a better sounding word than complaining). Real is what we do in this family. Hard truth? Give it to me because we can handle the truth, Col. Jessup.

We work in a world where reality is too real at times. Where we are face to face daily with men in addiction who cannot hide any longer. “We’re only as sick as our secrets” is one of the recovery sayings.

But this weeks reality was closer to home, or at least heart, as we were going to be with my brother who was diagnosed with stage 2 prostate cancer and was having surgery. We would face that together with family and friends and we would feel the realness of cancer hitting our family.

kk spring break collage


We had the granddaughter in tow as it was her spring break week. Instead of the beach we were in a car 4 hours there and again back, sleeping in a new place to her but with familiar faces, familiar laughter and loud voice and dogs!

Who knew it was the imagination she brought with her that would be the perfect balm to this kind of real. Her 7-year old smiles as she delighted in being allowed to bounce on our bed. The chorus us Five Little Monkeys that hasn’t been heard in a very long time and the pretend play she gathered us in. Joy. Real joy.

Fake is often polite and without emotion. It is safe. Real, however, is often heavy and awkward and lacking in manners.

The Velveteen Rabbit ask the Skin Horse about being real:

‘Does it hurt?’ asked the Rabbit.

‘Sometimes,’ said the Skin Horse, for he was always truthful. ‘When you are Real you don’t mind being hurt.’

And there it is. The best part of real: truth.

Linking up with Kate Motaung for the weekly Five-Minute Friday roundup. Hop over and join the fun. It’s always real.